Todays Helpful Hint

Auto Repair FAQ

Q: Will you check the air in my tires?

A: Yes—but a slight wait is sometimes necessary.

Q: May I pay by credit card over the phone?

A: Yes—but certain restrictions apply.

Q: Am I able to speak to the technician about the auto repairs to be or have been done on my vehicle?

A: Yes—we appreciate inquisitive customers.

Q: May I see the replaced parts?

A: Yes--but you must indicate so in advance.

Q: Are auto repair appointments recommended?

A: Yes—with the following exceptions:  bulb replacement, wiper blades, and topping-off some fluids.

Q: What auto repair warranty do you offer?

A: One (1) year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, parts and labor free on new parts only.  Lifetime nationwide warranty on the majority of new parts.  Three (3) months or 90 days, whichever comes first on used parts.

Q: Will Ravenswood Auto provide an estimate before repairing my vehicle?

A: Yes—but diagnostic and estimating charges apply in some cases.  Sometimes those charges will be credited.  Ask for details.

Q: Does Ravenswood Auto provide transportation to home/work and back?

A: Yes—after 8:15 am and before 4:30 pm

Q: Do you install auto parts that I furnish?

A: Yes—please call for more information.