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Helpful Auto Care Hints

Top 5 Reasons your Check Engine Light is On

  1. Keep fuel tank full or close to full to avoid condensation, cavitation, and overheating of the fuel pump—very costly repair.
  2. Check tire air pressure and their condition frequently—including the spare.
  3. It is important to keep the battery clean of corrosion (verdigris-colored, fungus-esque bubbles and runoff) as a build-up of corrosion will cause a no-start condition.
  4. Keep emergency road service numbers in the glove compartment.
  5. Remove objects such as umbrellas and ice scrapers from rear window deck. They could fly forward causing injuries to the back of your head during a collision.
  6. Any strange noises or vibration should be dealt with immediately.
  7. Check engine oil often between changes.
  8. Frequently lubricate electric antennas with silicone spray to avoid costly repairs. Ask Ravenswood Auto for the “How-To.”
  9. To avoid scratching the windshield and back window, always spray windshield washer fluid before using the wiper blades.

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