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Check Engine Light Diagnostic in New Berlin, WI

What could really be wrong when an engine light comes on? Our auto repair services solve an impressive range of problems. come to our location after owners realized their car engine lights were blinking or flashing. When your check engine light comes on, it could be your vehicle's way of telling you:

Engine Light Diagnostic New Berlin


: top reasons why it comes on

  • Oxygen sensors need to be replaced
  • Catalytic converter is failing
  • Spark plugs/ignition coil problems
  • Loose fuel cap
  • Thermostat is malfunctioning
  • Mass air flow sensor has failed
  • Broken EVAP purge control valve
  • Low oil volume/need oil change

Schedule an appointment with our New Berlin auto body shop today to get a diagnosis of what exactly is wrong with your car! Best of all, we reset the light after our repairs so you no longer have an annoying red light distracting you every time you hit the road. When the check engine light starts blinking, don't ignore it - come into Ravenswood Auto!

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