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My Car Steering is Hard to Turn

The steering on your car may already be extremely hard to turn, or you may be beginning to notice that it’s getting progressively harder to turn. If you’re having more trouble than usual steering your vehicle, contact Ravenswood Auto and get a free estimate today.

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Your vehicle’s trouble may be the result of:

  • Lack of Power Steering Fluid 
Low power steering fluid generally means you have a leak somewhere along the power steering lines. Visually inspect your power steering lines to check for leaks.
  • Old/Loose Power Steering Belt

Normal wear and tear on your vehicle means every car, truck, limousine, etc. will need to be serviced at some point. Power steering belts often need tightening or replacing when your vehicle has many miles on it and should be checked regularly.

  • Failing Power Steering Pump 

A failing power steering pump could be due to a few things, two of which are: the vehicle’s age, cavitation caused by a hole in the system’s tubes. This is not something most people can either fix or diagnose by themselves. Let Ravenswood give you a free estimate on repair costs today.

  • Damaged Steering Rack

The steering rack connects the steering column to the wheels. If this is not functioning properly, your car will be very hard to turn, especially at low speeds.


Power Steering Pump RepairPower Steering Pump
Power Steering Rack ReplacementPower Steering Rack
Power Steering Belt ReplacementPower Steering Belt

Ravenswood Auto Repair

Not all vehicles have mechanical power steering systems. Newer vehicles may have electronically controlled power steering systems. Call or contact us today and find out what type of system your vehicle has and how we can service it.

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