Front & Rear Axle Repair Service in New Berlin

Axle Repair ServicesFront & Rear axle repair in Southeast Wisconsin

Your axle is an essential component of your vehicle. It transfers power and torque from the engine to the wheels, sustains the weight of the car and it's passengers, and withstands acceleration forces from driving and braking. Needless to say, if you suspect that your axle is damaged to any extent, you should never ignore or procastinate on getting it checked by a professional mechanic.

How to tell if your axle needs repair:

  • If there's a sudden clunking sound when you put your car into gear.
  • If there are vibrations throughout the car when accelerating, braking, or turning.
  • If there's leaking grease or fluid underneath your car or on the inside edge of your tires. 
  • If your car seems to be running perfectly fine but doesn't actually move forward.

Never Ignore a Broken Axle!

It's always better to be safe than sorry when you suspect an issue with your car's axle. Minor damage can easily turn into severe damage if ignored. This will likely compromise your vehicles safety, making it difficult to steer, accelerate, or brake. Plus, the repairs will be MUCH more expensive. Your axles are deeply integrated into your car's mechanical system, so damage to the axle can lead to damage elsewhere. It's not worth the risk (or the money) to wait!