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Snow Tires vs All Season Tires

Pros and Cons of All-Season Tires


  • Don’t have to change each season
  • Practical in summer/winter
  • Don’t wear quickly in summer
  • Low rolling resistance, better mileage


  • No extreme benefits in winter/summer
  • More prone to sliding in winter
  • More prone to spinning in winter

Pro and Cons of Winter/Snow Tires


  • Softer rubber to grip at low temps
  • Better acceleration traction in snow
  • Better stopping power in snow
  • Better control when turning on snow


  • Softer material wears faster
  • Not practical in warm weather
  • Changing each season

Winter/Snow vs All-Season tires installation

The difference between and how to choose

Everyone in Wisconsin has driven in the snow. We’ve all spun the tires trying to go up a hill or accelerating after a stoplight. Many of us have slid through an intersection with both feet on the brake pedal.

4-wheel-drive helps stop the tires from spinning when you accelerate, but they don’t help when you’re braking.

What does help stop a car from sliding when braking in snow? Tires made specifically for the winter seasons. What about all-season tires? Tires are like sneakers; wearing them all year is fine, but you won’t get the benefits of boots or sandals during winter or summer respectively.

Snow/Winter vs All-Season Tires: notes

These are general guidelines. If you have a sports car, considering special tires is a good idea in cold weather climates. If you have a vehicle with 4-wheel-drive, winter tires aren’t as important. Many factors influence the decision to buy either all-season tires and ride them all year or to buy winter/snow tires and change them out for the season, including finances and the condition of your vehicle.

All-Season Tires are Better if You…

  • Live in a more moderate climate
  • Don’t often drive on ice
  • Don’t often drive in snow

Winter Tires are Better if You…

  • Live in a colder climate
  • Often drive where ice is possible
  • Don’t have 4-wheel-drive

In the end, you need to choose what’s right for you. Call Ravenswood Auto Repair Center today and let us help you make the decision.

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