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How to Check Tire Pressure

4 Easy Steps to Measuring your Tire Pressure

To correctly inflate a car tire, use a pressure tire gauge. We cannot stress enough the importance of really knowing how much air you’re putting in your tire instead of just eyeballing it. New Berlin Auto Repair has seen many instances where flat or blown-out tires could have been avoided had the advised PSI been taken into consideration.

To check your tire pressure, you’ll need a few items, including a tire pressure gauge, note-taking supplies or a device, and an air compressor. Once you have everything you need, there are 4 steps you’ll need to follow to easily inflate and check your tire’s air pressure:

  1. Find out what your car or truck’s recommended PSI is.
  2. Take note of each tire’s PSI, if you’ve ever had a replacement, they could be different.
  3. Use your gauge to check your tire’s air pressure. Does it need to be increased or lowered?
  4. Using your air compressor and tire gauge, fill your tire to its optimal PSI level.

Tire pressure gauge

To fill your tire or wheels with air, follow our instructions for each tire. Start by removing the valve cap and placing the pressure gauge on its stem, pressing down enough so the hiss of the escaping air can no longer be heard. Your pressure gauge will give you its PSI reading.

Decide if your tire needs its pressure increased or decreased. If it needs to be decreased, simply detach the gauge and let some air out until the gauge stays it matches its PSI. If it needs to be increased, grab your air compressor and fill your tires until the gauge reads they are at their recommended pressure levels.

If you don’t have the time to adjust your tire’s pressure, you’re not out of options. New Berlin Auto Repair is a trusted tire shop who can help you with your car and truck tire pressure needs.

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