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Best Tires for Trucks and Cars: Firestone and Bridgestone

Save Money with Affordable and Durable TiresBridgestone Firestone Tires for Sale in New Berlin

If it’s too late and you’ve already discovered a flat, slashed, or blown out tire, you’re going to need a replacement as soon as possible. Although it’s important or car or truck is back on the road soon, you can’t rush through the process of selecting your replacement.

New Berlin Auto Repair suggests if you’re needing a new tire to stop by their tire shop for the best affordable tires on the market. Don’t let a repair or towing company take advantage of your situation by giving you tire choices with unfair prices. At New Berlin Auto Repair, we offer Firestone and Bridgestone tires for your convenience.

Backed by Years of Reputation

As two of the most reputable tire brands in the nation, Firestone and Bridgestone have quality products designed to help keep your car on the road longer. If you’ve experienced tread wear or can no longer drive on a damaged tire, turn to these high-quality wheels to get you back to your daily life without the worries customers experience with used or old tire replacements.

Official Wisconsin Tire Rack Installer

Tire Rack can ship directly to Ravenswood for installation.

Buying a new tire isn’t just about making it through the day, it’s about making an investment in your car. Don’t settle for cheap and used tires sold online, you may be seeing another flat tire the same week you install it. Firestone and Bridgestone tires from New Berlin Auto repair are new and will help you avoid unexpected air pressure fluctuations for years.

Get your car checked for any signs of trouble

You wouldn't wait for a flat tire to get a new one--don't wait for serious engine trouble to get your car checkd. At Ravenswood Auto Repair, we check for everything under the hood, provide immediate oil changes, alternator replacements, timing belt checks, and more to keep your car running for as long as you need it. 

Free Loaner Car Waukesha, WI

For more information regarding our Firestone and Bridgestone tire products, contact New Berlin Auto Repair today to see what options you have for your tire replacements.