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Is your car's heater struggling to perform its duties? It's possible that it's in need of professional repair. The mechanics at Ravenswood Auto know how to identify heating problems and repair them quickly and reliably. If you suspect anything is wrong with your car's heating system, bring it into our shop as soon as possible to get it checked out. Resolving these issues sooner rather than later will save you a lot more in repairs down the line.

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Signs that your car's heater requires professional assistance:

  • Weak air flow
    Getting nothing more than a gentle breeze at the highest fan settings could be caused by several different factors. Debris buildup, broken fans and loose seals could severely diminish the strength of your heater.
  • Barely warm or cold air
    Holes or punctures in your heater core may be letting out all of the heat from your air by the time it reaches the cabin. These need to be properly sealed for proper heat transfer.
  • Sweet or musty smells
    This occurs when your car is leaking coolant. Check underneath and around your car for coolant spillage, and bring it in for repairs if that's the case.
  • All of your windows fog up
    If all of your windows start to fog up for no apparent reason, it could be a sign of coolant leaking into your car cabin. The condensation on the windows will be warm to the touch, affecting more than just front and rear windows.
  • Smoke/steam from your engine
    Seeing visible smoke or steam from your engine compartment could be the cause of a coolant leak. The lack of proper service could lead to your engine overheating.

Tips for Maintaining Your Car Heater

Being stuck in the Wisconsin winter without heat could make for an uncomfortable drive, or an outright dangerous one. With no defrost option, you may be stuck chipping away at your frozen windshield for quite a while! By bringing in your car for regular maintenance, we can ensure that your heating system is functioning well and your coolant and other fluids are topped off.

Prevention is always better than repair when it comes to car heating, so don't hesitate to bring your car in just for a routine inspection. Our thorough check of your systems will most likely save you a lot of time and money in repairs down the road!

For any questions on heater repair, contact Ravenswood Auto and we’ll get back to you right away!