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Auto Repair Services

Ravenswood Auto repair shop in New Berlin offers a vast variety of car repair services to meet all your auto repair and maintenance needs. With over 100 years of combined experience in automotive repairs, Ravenswood Auto provides quality, expert auto repairs throughout Waukesha County to service New Berlin, Elm Grove, Greenfield, Muskego and West Allis. From diagnosis to auto repair, our Wisconsin auto technicians work directly with you, discussing the needed auto repairs and auto repair costs keeping you informed throughout the entire process.Ravenswood Auto Repair

Quality Auto Repair Services for:
Waukesha, Brookfield, New Berlin, Greenfield, West Allis

Under Carriage Repair in New Berlin

Undercarriage Services Diagram

  • Exhaust Replacement - Mufflers, tailpipes, etc. Faulty exhaust parts can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide cannot be seen, tasted or smelled. A faulty exhaust system can cause drowsiness and even death. Ravenswood Auto installs quality-lifetime warranty mufflers and in some cases an economy 1-year warranty muffler, if available.
  • Need New Shock Absorbers & Struts - These parts stabilize the vehicle while driving, especially in sharp turns and cornering. Adds to your driving comfort and vehicle control. Also increases tire longevity.
  • Steering & Axles Maintenance - Parts such as the steering gear (rack and pinion), idler arm, ball joints, and drive axles are important normal wearing parts. They should be inspected at regular intervals and replaced as necessary. Ravenswood Auto installs lifetime, nationwide warranty replacement-parts.
  • Faulty Brake Repair - Any unusual noises or sensations when the brake pedal is applied warrant immediate attention. Ravenswood Auto uses lifetime warranty brake parts. Good brakes start at Ravenswood Auto and stop elsewhere!

Undercarriage Repair Shop

Safety Items

  • Bulbs & Headlights - Important to see where you’re going, but more important, so other motorists can see you!
  • Used Vehicle Inspection - Before you buy so you don’t cry! Includes safety check of all vehicle components such as tires, suspension, brakes, heating and air conditioning, window and mirror operation, lights, wipers, etc. A list of any needed repairs will be provided.

Car Safety Inspection

Minor Engine

  • This covers many different areas of the engine, call Ravenswood Auto with your concerns.
  • Check Engine” or “S.E.S.” light on? Have it diagnosed immediately. If not, it can lead to expensive auto repairs. If the engine is running rough, DON’T DRIVE; call for towing!

Engine Light Diagnostic

Additional ServicesNew Berlin Tire Repair

  • NitroFill™ Nitrogen Tire Inflation System - Nitrogen replaces air in tires.  Increases tire life up to 30% and improves braking and handling. Air-to-nitrogen service takes only minutes! Free lifetime refills on the same tires.

NitroFill Tires

Free Loaner Car