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New Berlin Starter Motor RepairRavenswood Auto in New Berlin offers superior starter repair and rebuild services on all makes and models. The starter motor in your car cranks your engine over so it can operate under its own power. Cold weather during a frigid Wisconsin winter can damage the contacts in the starter motor, preventing your car from starting.

5 Signs of a failing starter

  1. Vehicle starts slowly
  2. Vehicle won’t start
  3. Lights dim (a lot) when you try to start the car
  4. You hear a grinding noise when you start the car
  5. You smell something burning when you start the car

Fix my Starter Motor

Bad starter or bad battery?

You walk out in the frigid January cold and start your car, instead of hearing your engine turn over you hear a whir and a click followed by silence. Subzero temperatures can drain your battery, but can also damage the contacts in your starter motor. Test for a bad starter or bad battery in four steps:

  1. Headlights do not turn on – bad battery
  2. Headlights turn on and car doesn’t start – bad starter
  3. Headlights dim when you try to start car – bad battery
  4. Engine makes no noise when you try to start – bad starter

How to start a car with a bad starter

Starter motor repair in Waukesha CountyIf you know the battery is good you can still start your car even if you have a bad starter. If your car’s owner’s manual does not have an engine diagram labeling the location of the starter you can still find it and try to start your engine. Note that some cars have the starter located near the bottom of the engine.

  1. Pop the hood and have a friend turn the key to try to start the car
  2. Listen for a clicking noise and look for a cylindrical part bolted near the engine
  3. Follow the red wire from your car battery until it connects to a post that is a piece of that cylindrical part
  4. Get the lug wrench from your spare tire kit (you could also use a hammer or wrench)
  5. Tap the starter motor a few times, don’t try to break it, but apply enough force to loosen debris from the contacts
  6. Try to start the car
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the car starts

Tapping the starter motor isn’t going to fix it forever, but it will let your drive to Ravenswood Auto and get a repair. If your car refuses to start after this you might need to schedule an alternator replacement.

Fix my Starter Motor

How much is a Starter Replacement?

The cost of a new starter motor depends on the make and model of your car. You can buy a starter motor for older cars for as little as $30, while a starter for newer cars can cost more than $300. Rebuilding your starter motor will save on part costs, but increase labor costs. Starter motor replacements from Ravenswood Auto run $100 - $200.  

Contact Ravenswood Auto for more information on starter motor repair services.