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Symptoms & Consequences of Radiator Failure

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Common signs of radiator failure New Berlin, WI

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Your vehicle's radiator works to keep the engine from overheating, a very important job. Coolant absorbs the heat from the engine and passes it through the radiator where it is cooled off and circulated back through the engine. It’s important that the radiator remains in efficient, good working condition.

Ravenswood Auto certified mechanics in New Berlin, WI provide professional engine maintenance services, including maintenance, repair, and replacement of radiators.

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Common Symptoms of a Bad Radiator

If you suspect you’re having issues with your radiator, consider the following common symptoms of a bad or failing radiator:

  • Vehicle is overheating – Your vehicle overheating on a regular basis under normal driving conditions is one of the most common signs that your radiator may be failing. The radiator is tasked with the essential job of keeping your engine cool. Overheating may not necessarily mean the radiator is going bad, however. It could be as simple as adding or replacing coolant.
  • Leaking or low coolant – Another common symptom your radiator may be going bad is leaking coolant. If you notice a green, yellow, or red liquid pooling underneath your parked car, you most likely have a coolant leak. If you’re engine is overheating or you’re frequently having to add coolant, this may be the cause. Possible cause of a coolant leak could be the radiator itself, a damaged hose, or a problem with the engine block.
  • Contaminated Coolant – The color of the coolant in your radiator should be bright yellow, green or red. If the coolant is discolored with a rusty or oil-like color, this is a sign of contaminant or sludge buildup in the radiator. Contaminant build up will significantly affect the performance of your radiator and can cause severe damage to the engine and transmission.

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What Happens If the Radiator Goes Out?

The radiator’s task of keeping the engine cool is one of essential importance. If the radiator goes bad or fails, it’s no surprise that serious consequences will follow. Here are just a few parts that are next to fail if your radiator goes bad:

  • Radiator & coolant system repair services in New Berlin, WIThermostat – The thermostat does what you’d expect, take the engine’s temperature. The thermostat communicates with the radiator when it’s time to cool the engine. If the radiator is failing to cool the engine the thermostat will be placed under too much pressure, causing it fail.
  • Water Pump – The water pump uses a rotor to push coolant through the radiator and hoses. This rotor (impeller) is often plastic in many vehicles, leaving it susceptible to damage from contaminants and debris breaking away from the failing radiator.
  • Heater Core – The heater core is like a miniature version of the radiator, with a similar network of tubing inside that works to provide heat for the heating system. If debris break away from the radiator, it can clog or damage the heater core tubing. High temperatures from a broken radiator can also cause the heater core to crack.

Affordable Radiator Repair in New Berlin, WI

If you're experiencing any of the issues outlined in this article, don't delay in getting an auto professional involved. Minimize potential damage and cost by contacting Ravenswood Auto professionals in New Berlin, WI. We offer affordable radiator services like maintenance, repair, and replacement.