4 Main Reasons Why Your Car Overheats

Coolant Hose is Clogged

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Your car may be overheating because your coolant system is blocked, and many times that blockage happens in the hose. Check this when there is no leak and your coolant is not too low.

Water Pump is Broken

Your engine may not be getting the right amount of coolant. That’s probably because of an issue with the water pump. It could be leaking. The impeller could be eroded so not enough coolant is getting to your engine.

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Coolant System has a Leak

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Many different parts of your cooling system can spring a leak—water pump, any of the hoses, your radiator, thermostat housing, or head gaskets. Having a leak in any one of these parts of your cooling system may cause your car to overheat.

Low Coolant Level/Wrong Coolant

Having low coolant levels or choosing the wrong coolant can cause your car to overheat even more quickly than having a leak. Water can work temporarily if you’re on the road and can’t get any antifreeze at the time. Antifreeze is the coolant you want to use to keep your car from overheating. It raises the boiling and freezing temperature of the liquids in your car so they don’t overwhelm the system.

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