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You step on the brake pedal and your car decelerates. A lot of people never put in the time and energy it takes to understand what's going on when they depress the brake pedal; it's just taken for granted that the vehicle will slow down or stop. And there's nothing wrong with not fully understanding as long as you can identify the signs that your brakes need service.

Your vehicle's brakes are a system with many parts working together. When any one of those parts start to wear down too much, it should be addressed immediately. Failure to address the problem in the early stages leads to quick deterioration of the rest of the brake system. We stock brake rotors, pads, calipers, & drums for All Makes/Models of vehicles.

How to Tell if Your Brake Pads Need Replacing

Brake pad replacement service in New Berlin, WI
  • Visual Inspection - if you're proactive about your car and its many parts, a simple visual inspection can tell if your brake pads need replacing—anything less than 1/4" of pad should be replaced
  • Pulling - uneven wear on your brake pads can manifest as your car pulling to one side or the other due to uneven pressure
  • Screeching Noise - indicates the pads are completely worn down and are now scratching and wearing down the rotors

How to Tell if Your Drum Brakes Need Replacing

  • Pulsing - you'll feel a pulsating in the brake pedal when you step on it if your drum brakes need replacing, and the harder you step on the brakes, the more you'll feel the pulse
  • Loose Parking Brake - the parking brake may be loose when your drums are worn
  • Scraping Noise - indicates the shoes are completely worn down and are now scratching the worn down drums
Drum brake replacements in New Berlin, WI

How to Tell if Your Rotors Need Replacing

Brake rotor replacements in New Berlin, WI
  • Vibration - feeling vibration in the steering wheel indicates the front brakes need change, while feeling in the seat indicates the rear brakes need change. In both cases, vibration will be felt in the pedal
  • Pulling - the car steers to one side or other when braking, which indicates uneven wear on the brakes
  • Grinding - indicates the pads are completely worn down and are now scratching the rotors

How to Tell if Your Brake Calipers Have Problems

  • Frequent Pad/Rotor Replacements - if your vehicle's brake pads/rotors need to be replaced frequently, it may be due to your calipers sticking
  • Low Brake Fluid - is often due to a leak in the calipers' rubber seals and can indicate larger problems elsewhere in the brake system
  • Pulling - indicates the caliper pistons could be seizing, which leads to premature wear of the pads/rotors
Brake caliper replacements in New Berlin, WI
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