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Auto Repair Shop & Mechanics in New Berlin

Ravenswood auto repair center is located on Sunnyslope Road between Greenfield and National Avenues, close to the New Berlin Industrial Park.

Ravenswood's auto repair services include all American automobiles and light-duty trucks. Our repair center also services the majority of all foreign vehicles—including Honda, Toyota, Kia, Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan, Acura, Isuzu, and Lexus.

Ravenswood Auto Repair

Wheel Alignments

New Berlin Wheel Alignments Wheel alignments done with our Hunter wheel alignment systems are fast, efficient, and always perfectly aligned. The secret is in the technology, which uses laser-guided systems and the car's internal diagnostic systems to align the wheels perfectly every time.

Oil/Filter Change

Getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 month, is important for the functionality of your car. It also helps to lessen your impact on the environment.

Overdue oil change symptoms can make it seem like your car is ready to go--figure out if your car is in desperate need of an immediate oil change or if something else is causing your engine damage. 

New Berlin Oil Change: Fast & Affordable

Car Batteries

New Berlin Car Batteries for Less Batteries have ratings for how well they work in the cold and heat. Your car won't start or have many of the necessary functions you've become accustomed to if your car battery is dead. Once the battery has been jumped so many times, it simply will not come back to life. Call Ravenswood today to have your car's battery checked out or replaced.

Car Starters

Starters are directly tied into your car's alternator. If the alternator is dead, your car will not be able to start. Alternatively, if your car's starter is dead, it does not mean anything about your alternator necessarily. You may just need to come in and get a new starter. Bring your car in today if you think your car's starter is on its last leg. New Berlin Car Starter Replacements & Repairs

Car Fluids

New Berlin Car Fluids & Stains Fluids should be changed every so often according to your Owner's Manual. Every car is different, and every car has the possibility of springing leaks. When you get your oil changed, have us check your car fluid levels to make sure they're at the proper fill to keep your car running.

Alternators Repair & Replacement

If you're experiencing signs of a bad alternator, you may need an immediate checkup. A faulty alternator causes your car to stop holding electricity and sending it to the necessary parts for functionality. Without a working alternator, your car won't be able to start, your lights may not work, and your radio or other important functions will fail to operate correctly. Alternator repair or replacement may be the necessary route for you. Car Alternator Replacements in New Berlin

Radiator, Heating & A/C Repair

Car Thermostats replacement in New Berlin

These are all important parts of your engine's heating regulation. If any one of these components is not working properly, your engine could easily overheat and suffer irreparable damage. Avoid this outcome by letting a professional perform a yearly checkup of your heating and cooling systems. Ravenswood services A/C and heaters in addition to radiators.

Timing Belt Replacement

Every 90,000-100,000 miles, your timing belt should be replaced. Have it checked for glazing and cracks every time you come into Ravenswood for an oil change to keep your vehicle running at its peak performance ability. New Berlin Car Timing Belt Replacements and Installations

Engine Drive Replacement

Engine Drive Belts in New Berlin Engine drive belts help to power your car's alternator, power steering, and air conditioning. The belt should be checked for cracks and glazing every 3 months or every 5,000 miles when you come in to get your oil changed. If you're thinking it's time to replace my engine driving belt, then stop in to Ravenswood for the best service in New Berlin.

Tires: Bridgestone & Firestone

Bridgestone Firestone tires are some of the best on the market. Years and years of experience and research have helped them to create great tires for all seasons and all types of terrain. Ravenswood Auto in New Berlin is proud to carry Bridgestone Firestone tires. Call today for an appointment.
New Tires New Berlin, WI: Bridgestone, Firestone


Locally Owned & Operated Auto Repair Garage

We are a well-established and trusted automotive repair facility in Waukesha County, serving our New Berlin neighbors with efficient and effective auto repair and maintenance services.

For all of your car care needs, Ravenswood Auto is your answer! From the simplest auto bulb replacement to the more complex automotive electronic diagnostics, Ravenswood Auto's car care center in is your one-stop automotive repair shop.

Expert Auto Repair Services in Waukesha County

New Berlin auto repair toolsRavenswood Auto car care center specializes in all aspects of under the hood auto repairs such as:

  • oil and filter changes
  • car batteries, starters, alternators, and other electronics
  • radiators, water pumps and timing belts
  • heating and air conditioning
  • emissions
  • “Check Engine” and S.E.S. lights
  • spark plugs, belts, hoses and power steering
  • transmission flushing
  • brake repair/replacement
  • cabin and engine air filter replacement

New Berlin Auto Repair for Brake Services, Wheel Alignment, and Tire Rotation

Ravenswood Auto also excels in under-carriage auto repair work such as shocks and struts, front-wheel driveshafts, wheel bearings, ball and universal joints, tie rod ends, complete exhaust, brakes, front end alignment, and tire rotations.

New Berlin Auto Repair and Maintenance for Safer Travel

Safety items repaired by Ravenswood Auto include inoperative car windows and doors handles, inside and outside mirrors, turn signals, backup lights, wiper blades, and seatbelts.

Superior Auto Service Capabilities at Ravenswood Auto

The latest addition to our garage is the Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer from Hunter Engineering. Ravenswood Auto's tire services and wheel alignment services have seen substantial improvements with the addition of our new equipment. We can now provide better service at a faster rate! 

Quality Auto Repair Services for New Berlin & Surrounding Areas

Ravenswood Auto in New Berlin uses quality, guaranteed parts for all of its repairs, many of which are purchased from dealerships. Some of the brand-name parts that we install are Interstate, Motorcraft, Mopar, A/C Delco, Bosch, Moog, Wagner, Walker, and any new or used name-brand tire you desire.

AC Delco products sold in New Berlin
Bosch products sold in New Berlin
Motorcraft products sold in New Belin
Moog products sold in New Berlin
Wagner brake products sold in New Berlin
Walker exhaust products sold here in New Berlin

Ravenswood Auto specializes in exceeding your expectations for all of your auto repair and maintenance needs in Waukesha County.

Ravenswood Auto Repair in New Berlin, WI

Contact Ravenswood Auto at 262-784-6300 to make us your trusted New Berlin automotive repair facility!

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